Mobile Payment

Here is the list of possible implementations of the Service.

The Services are well suited to small-mid Companies, because of low price, cloud hosting and highly skilled know-how.

But, it could also be implemented for big Companies, as it supports high volume and frequency of the transactions.

Please let us know what are you interested in. Contact us for any further information or quote.


Banks are in charge of management of users accounts. It is possible to implement closed-loop solution which has low cost of transaction or classic card payment transaction. System supports domestic and international card types as well as proprietary merchant cards.

Benefits for the Banks:

  • New revenue from transaction processing, account hosting
  • Acquisition of new consumers and new merchants

Benefits for the consumers:

  • New comfortable payment option
  • Pay anytime from anyplace Pay just in time
  • Safe, cheap and easy to use
  • Eco SMS receipt

Bank2Bank service:

  • Money transfer


Benefits for the Merchants:

  • New payment channel
  • Decrease the cost
  • Satisfied customers

Mobile Payment Services which could be implemented:

  • Internet Merchants
    • Online purchase of goods and services
    • Topup accounts at gaming websites
  • Fast food Merchants
    • Purchase of goods with delivery
    • Purchase of goods and pick-up from location
  • Stores
    • Purchase of goods in-store
  • Utility Merchants
    • Monthly and one-time bill payment for goods and services
  • Mobile Network Operators
    • Mobile recharge
    • Postpaid bill payment
  • Ticketing
    • Public transit tickets
    • Event tickets
    • Exhibitions, etc.
  • Gas station
    • Payment for the gas from the car
  • Parking
    • Payment for parking
  • Toll
    • Payment at toll


Services for Students:

  • Remote Mobile Payment Services:
    • Payment for exam
    • Bill payment at restaurant
    • Purchase of goods and services – photocopying, parking tickets, laundry, fast food orders, dry cleaning
  • In-store Mobile Payment Services:
    • Purchase of goods – book store, Registrar services

Services for parents:

  • Remote Mobile Payment Services
    • Topup Student’s eAccount
    • Bill payment

Payments are performed from Students eAccounts, cobranded or proprietary Student cards.

Customized implementations for campuses, sport clubs, communities.


In-branch services:

  • Payment of taxes at branches


  • Payment directly at the desk without going to the Bank
  • No calculation of taxes amount and the sum
  • No cache management
  • Possibility to pay from credit card and therefore to get the credit from the bank

Remote services:

  • Payment of personal annual taxes